Be a Solar Hero – Achieve Net Zero!


Eve & Kurt are our solar heroes!  With 48 solar panels (12.72 kW) on their roof, they will be ‘net zero’.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, net zero is when the amount of renewable energy your home produces equals the amount of energy consumed on an annual basis.

Looking at Eve & Kurt’s power bills, we determined that they consume approximately 31 kWh per day.  At 31 kWh per day, we calculated that they need approximately a 9 kW system to achieve net zero.  Ultimately, they chose to oversize their system to offset the consumption required for the Tesla electric vehicle they plan to purchase and they installed 48 solar panels totaling 12.72 kW.

Eve and Kurt wanted to maximize their savings and shorten their pay back period as much as possible, so they asked about installing the system themselves.  Being the only solar company in the Okanagan who caters to do-it-yourselfer’s such as Eve & Kurt (yes, we do install too!), we were more than happy to help.  We assisted them by doing a site anaylsis (including shade analysis with our Solar Pathfinder tool), sizing and designing their system and required components/parts, preparing the diagrams for net metering with FortisBC, as well as providing the training Kurt & Eve needed in order to install their system correctly themselves.  They did a stellar job and completed the work with the help of a friend within just two weekends!

Eve & Kurt Installation

(Photos courtesy of Eve & Kurt)