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Congratulations to Lower Nicola Indian Band for Installing B.C.’s Largest Community-Owned Solar Panel System!


We were some excited to learn about the Lower Nicola Indian Band installing B.C.’s largest community-owned solar panel system.  Chief Aaron Sam was kind enough to send us a photo of their installed system.

They installed 300 solar panels on their community’s school which will generate up to 85.8 kW of energy and is expected to produce a third of the energy needs for the school.

Check out their story on the Vancouver Sun:

Lower Nicola Indian Band installs largest community-owned solar panel system in B.C.

Be a Solar Hero – Achieve Net Zero!


Eve & Kurt are our solar heroes!  With 48 solar panels (12.72 kW) on their roof, they will be ‘net zero’.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, net zero is when the amount of renewable energy your home produces equals the amount of energy consumed on an annual basis.

Looking at Eve & Kurt’s power bills, we determined that they consume approximately 31 kWh per day.  At 31 kWh per day, we calculated that they need approximately a 9 kW system to achieve net zero.  Ultimately, they chose to oversize their system to offset the consumption required for the Tesla electric vehicle they plan to purchase and they installed 48 solar panels totaling 12.72 kW.

Eve and Kurt wanted to maximize their savings and shorten their pay back period as much as possible, so they asked about installing the system themselves.  Being the only solar company in the Okanagan who caters to do-it-yourselfer’s such as Eve & Kurt (yes, we do install too!), we were more than happy to help.  We assisted them by doing a site anaylsis (including shade analysis with our Solar Pathfinder tool), sizing and designing their system and required components/parts, preparing the diagrams for net metering with FortisBC, as well as providing the training Kurt & Eve needed in order to install their system correctly themselves.  They did a stellar job and completed the work with the help of a friend within just two weekends!

Eve & Kurt Installation

(Photos courtesy of Eve & Kurt)



Green Energy Doors Open House 2016 & ‘got solar?’ Solar Shipping Containers and Residential Grid-Tie Systems Displays



Come check out our all-in-one mobile “Solar Shipping Containers” and residential grid-tie/off-grid system displays.  Learn how off-grid (no connection to the electrical grid) and on-grid/grid-tie (connected to the electrical grid through your utility company) systems work.

See all the many components that make up an off-grid system and by comparison how few components are required for an on-grid system and why solar finally makes economic sense and an excellent investment.

You can also see the latest app for monitoring your system’s performance on your phone or tablet, learn how net metering works and for those who are interested, this is a unique opportunity to learn the basics of how to install equipment hands-on.

Based in West Kelowna, BC, ‘got solar?’ provides grid-tie and off-grid solar photovoltaic systems site and shade analysis, system design, equipment, installation and training in Kelowna, BC and surrounding areas.  We help people harness free energy from the sun, cleanly and silently, and save money every month by reducing or eliminating their electricity bills.  Whether you’re just interested in learning about solar or are ready to start your own solar project, we can guide you to the right path.

Please RSVP here.

Solar Power Is Finally A Great Financial Investment!

Save the earth

Saving on your electrical bills, by harnessing the power of the sun, is now a financially smart investment. With payback times of 9-13 years, it no longer makes sense to buy power solely from the power company.  Each time the power prices go up from the local utility, the payback time decreases.

Grid-Tied Solar systems are the most cost effective way to Go Solar!

These systems have very few components, no moving parts, are extremely durable and resilient, and offer an excellent 25 year power output warranties, on both the solar modules as well as micro inverters. The design life, and life expectancy is 30-40 years.

They are easy to install, for the handy-person, or the D-I-Y’er. By doing it yourself, you can decrease the initial installation costs, and ultimately speed up your return-on-investment.

The GREAT thing about solar systems these days, is that a person can essentially install as many or as few panels as they would like at a time. The systems are now ‘scalable’ and can be enlarged quite easily.

This allows many more people to get started with a solar system, even if they don’t want to spend the entire amount all at once, to start reducing their power bills immediately.

With a 25 year warranty on all electrical components, and a design life of 30-40 years, Solar is the only improvement to your home, that has the ability to literally pay you back, several times over, during its lifetime. (Something that granite countertops will never do!)

Not to mention, that solar equipped homes sell quicker, and for more money, than homes without. (As the ongoing cost of ownership is much lower into perpetuity, as well as the fact that the solar system is included in the purchase price/financing of the home!

Have YOU got solar?

Call us at 250-575-9221 to start saving your money!

Solar Equipped Homes Consistently Sell Quicker And For More Money


The U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, released a study to see if having solar panels on your home makes any difference in the resale value, as well as time on the market.

After analyzing the sales of approximately 4,000 homes with solar panels across eight different states from 2002 to 2013, they found that solar homes consistently sell quicker and for more money than homes that are not solar.  By how much?  About $4.18 per watt of solar installed or roughly $15,000 for an average-sized system of 3.6kW.

The premium was consistent despite numerous variables and varying markets during the time frame studied which included the pre-2009 housing bubble, subsequent crash, and ongoing recovery.

Thus far, there is not an equivalent study in Canada, but we can be sure that the same principle applies here – with lower operating costs into perpetuity in comparison to the same or similar home without solar, solar increases the value of your home and makes it more attractive and easier to sell.

Host -owned rooftop solar adds significant value to U.S. homes across 8 states

New Solar Home Premiums : Calculating the Value Rooftop PV Adds t o a Multi -State Sample of New U.S. Homes

Presentation: Selling Into The Sun: Price Premium Analysis of a Multi-State Dataset of Solar Homes

Rooftop Solar Increases a Home’s Selling Price

The got solar? Solar Roller

The got solar? “Solar Roller” displays an old style polycrystalline solar panel (left), monocrystalline solar panel (center) and current style polycrystalline solar panel (right).

SolarScapes – by LUMOS


These modular, prefabricated solar structures are extremely versatile and have been used as backyard patio and pool covers, carports, covered picnic areas, and so much more. Lumos SolarScapes are the perfect way to incorporate solar into existing architecture in a functional and aesthetic way.


LS_ProjSpotlight-nolaSolarScapes LS_ProjSpotlight-MoutonLAres

These engineered and beautiful Lumos SolarScapes are available in a range of configurations including low side cantilever, high side cantilever, dual support and T support.



got solar? is a LUMOS Certififed Professional.LUMOS-Certified-Professional

Mobile Solar Power Generating Units (aka: Solar Seacans)

These all-in-one “Solar Seacans” are customizable to suit your power needs whether you have a small cottage or a large industrial application.  They can be easily shipped almost anywhere, whether you have a remote off-grid location or are already connected to the grid and want instantaneous whole-house backup power. In fact, these units can even sell solar power back to the grid!  With fast and easy setup, you can be silently generating clean, green energy within a couple hours.  Not only that, these weatherproof, no maintenance steel shipping container units provide safe secure storage. The added advantage of our units, is that unlike most solar installations, these are easy disassembled, relocatable, and even resalable if your needs change! It is often much more cost effective to install a solar power system, than it is to bring power lines to your remote location. These units are popular, as they can be delivered to a remote jobsite, and serve not only as a power unit, but can also be the basis for security systems, cameras, and safe storage of high-value jobsite materials, that unattended, have a tendency to go missing from jobsites after hours.

First, the mounts are welded on to hold the racking.

The racking can be tilted with the push of a finger and set to a steep angle for winter or low/flat angle for summer.

Panels are going up!  And a view from the back.

The brains of the operation:  Schneider Electric charge controller, inverter, battery monitor, system control panel, combox, automatic generator start, and various other related goodies inlcuding motion sensor lighting that comes on when you open the doors.


The battery box – this particular unit has 8 x 12 volt batteries.  Cool colour changing LED lights optional.  🙂

Customized units can be built to your particular needs and ready to ship to you within 2 to 3 weeks. We usually have at least 1 pre-built unit in stock, and ready for your immediate needs.

Exterior emergency shut off and optional exterior power outlets.

She’s ready to ship!  The racking is designed to fit inside the unit for transporting.  Re-assembly on-site takes only a few hours.

Ready to harness free power from the sun – clean, green and quiet – with no power bills!

While our online store is being set up, please call to confirm in-stock availability of all product. 10% Discount on all orders thru to Dec 31, 2017!!! Contact us now for access to our webstore with THE BEST PRICES ON SOLAR EQUIPMENT IN CANADA! WE WILL NOT BE BEAT! Dismiss