Green Energy Doors Open House 2016 & ‘got solar?’ Solar Shipping Containers and Residential Grid-Tie Systems Displays



Come check out our all-in-one mobile “Solar Shipping Containers” and residential grid-tie/off-grid system displays.  Learn how off-grid (no connection to the electrical grid) and on-grid/grid-tie (connected to the electrical grid through your utility company) systems work.

See all the many components that make up an off-grid system and by comparison how few components are required for an on-grid system and why solar finally makes economic sense and an excellent investment.

You can also see the latest app for monitoring your system’s performance on your phone or tablet, learn how net metering works and for those who are interested, this is a unique opportunity to learn the basics of how to install equipment hands-on.

Based in West Kelowna, BC, ‘got solar?’ provides grid-tie and off-grid solar photovoltaic systems site and shade analysis, system design, equipment, installation and training in Kelowna, BC and surrounding areas.  We help people harness free energy from the sun, cleanly and silently, and save money every month by reducing or eliminating their electricity bills.  Whether you’re just interested in learning about solar or are ready to start your own solar project, we can guide you to the right path.

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