Mobile Solar Power Generating Units (aka: Solar Seacans)

These all-in-one “Solar Seacans” are customizable to suit your power needs whether you have a small cottage or a large industrial application.  They can be easily shipped almost anywhere, whether you have a remote off-grid location or are already connected to the grid and want instantaneous whole-house backup power. In fact, these units can even sell solar power back to the grid!  With fast and easy setup, you can be silently generating clean, green energy within a couple hours.  Not only that, these weatherproof, no maintenance steel shipping container units provide safe secure storage. The added advantage of our units, is that unlike most solar installations, these are easy disassembled, relocatable, and even resalable if your needs change! It is often much more cost effective to install a solar power system, than it is to bring power lines to your remote location. These units are popular, as they can be delivered to a remote jobsite, and serve not only as a power unit, but can also be the basis for security systems, cameras, and safe storage of high-value jobsite materials, that unattended, have a tendency to go missing from jobsites after hours.

First, the mounts are welded on to hold the racking.

The racking can be tilted with the push of a finger and set to a steep angle for winter or low/flat angle for summer.

Panels are going up!  And a view from the back.

The brains of the operation:  Schneider Electric charge controller, inverter, battery monitor, system control panel, combox, automatic generator start, and various other related goodies inlcuding motion sensor lighting that comes on when you open the doors.


The battery box – this particular unit has 8 x 12 volt batteries.  Cool colour changing LED lights optional.  🙂

Customized units can be built to your particular needs and ready to ship to you within 2 to 3 weeks. We usually have at least 1 pre-built unit in stock, and ready for your immediate needs.

Exterior emergency shut off and optional exterior power outlets.

She’s ready to ship!  The racking is designed to fit inside the unit for transporting.  Re-assembly on-site takes only a few hours.

Ready to harness free power from the sun – clean, green and quiet – with no power bills!