Canada’s First 100% Solar Powered Organic Farm!

This is not only an Okanagan’s first, or a British Columbia first, but CANADA’s First 100% solar powered organic farm!

Congratulations Coldstream Corner Farms, and its owners Helmi Lowen, Kornelius Lowen, and the rest of the Lowen Family for deciding to choose ‘got solar?’ to install your system! Helmi received several quotes, and narrowed it down to the company offering the best installation at the best price using the best equipment (that’s us! – ‘got solar?’)

This 29KW (29,500Watt) solar system is so large, that BCHydro actually has to upgrade the transformer out front on the pole. Thank you so much to BCHydro for not only offering the no-charge net-metering program but for also upgrading this transformer, AND put in a new power poll AT NO CHARGE TO THE CUSTOMER! The net metering department, headed by Alevtina Akbulatova of BCHydro is always great to work with!

This grid-dependent (aka: grid-tie or grid-tied) solar system pushes energy into the buildings electrical system anytime that it is light out. The sunnier it is, the more power the solar system creates.  It pushes the power back into the electrical grid and literally and legally turns your power meter backwards! (if you still have an old analogue meter) As we now have ‘smart-meters’ in BC (they measure in both directions) the power being pushed INTO the grid from the solar system is calculated, as well as the power you DRAWN during the evenings and long winter months.  The credits are applied towards the debits, and cancel each other out. (hence the term ‘net-metering’)

The Lowen family wanted to eliminate their power bill, or even better yet, start getting a cheques from the power company! So, working with their roof surface, their stated priority, and their budget we were able to populate their entire roof with solar panels. The output from the solar system, should be VERY CLOSE to allowing the Lowen’s to be ‘net-zero’  and maybe even ‘net-positive’.  What does this mean? It meant that they will create as much power, or MORE power than they consume in a year. If they successfully implement a few power-conserving ideas that we identified over the upcoming winter months, they just might achieve BOTH of their goals!


Wow! 39 Solar Panels @ 315Watts each totals 12,225 Watt or 12.2 kw of solar power! This south facing surface has been maximized to use as much of the roof as possible. For those with sharp eyes, notice the one panel in sideways by the chimney? Its just in there temporarily until the two shorter modules arrive that will plop right in there and fit perfectly. This install used 72-cell Canadian Solar 315 Watt modules.


Westward Wow! 44- 315Watt solar modules totaling 13.9kw (13,900 Watts!) Once the South facing roof surfaces have all been populated with solar panels, we chose the west facing roof as the next best choice. While not optimally oriented to the sun, the reduction of solar output will only be about 15% annually. When the power companies start implementing time-of-use (T.O.U) metering, eastward and westward facing arrays may actually provide a better economic benefit, even though they produce a bit less power in total over the year.

We used all available south facing surfaces on the building, to ensure maximum power production! 10- 315Watt Solar panels, (3.15kw total) Took 3 hours to install.

net zero 100% solar powered organic farm

got solar? – Canada’s First 100% Solar Powered Organic Farm


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