Remote Okanagan Lake Cabin adds Solar Power! Got Solar? Get Solar!

This cabin has existed since the late 1970’s, but has never had electrical power. It used propane gas lighting, as well as a propane stove and refrigerator. This is a great setup to have for living off-the-grid, and is a testament that life can still be lived this way. It is however 2017 and the new owners wanted to bring this cabin up to the 21st century. Being that the home is primarily used seasonally during the summer and only weekends, allowed us to use a minimalist approach for a solar solution for this client. On the roof we have 2 x 315Watt Canadian Solar modules, which meet up with an Outback charge controller that charges the AGM Discovery Energy batteries. We happened to have some excellent quality used equipment that a customer had left on consignment. We were able to service, test and install the older equipment and give it a new lease on life. This was a legacy Xantrex SW 4024. It’s a 24 Volt based battery inverter, rated at 4,000 Watts continous output, and even higher surge capabilities. This unit is pretty amazing, it can even be connected to, and sell back to the electric grid! (if it ever comes to this location) In the meantime, it will happily run off-grid. A generator can be plugged into the unit, should there be extended cloudy periods where the solar input cannot keep up to the consumed power. An hour or two of generator run time, and you can get back to the SILENCE of running on solar and batteries!

remote off-the-grid solar powered cabon on okanagan lake near kelowna bc

remote off-the-grid solar powered cabin on okanagan lake near kelowna bc

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