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Canada's First 100% Solar Powered Organic Farm in Coldstream British Columbia, near Vernon, BC.

You are looking at Canada’s First 100% Solar Powered Organic Farm. Coldstream Corner Farms, of Coldstream, BC has claimed the bragging rights to be the ‘greenest’ organic farm in Canada with their commitment to solar power. Their 29,000 Watt (29kw) solar system has been designed to offset all of their yearly energy consumption, and maybe even a bit more! They should be net-zero or net-positive this time next year. Stay tuned for a Case Study in which their system will be reviewed in detail. This photos allows one to see Vernon’s Largest Solar System all in one view. These customer’s have decided to say goodbye to their power bill!


Solar system at sunset

Here is a great photo that we captured right at sunset. Only 2 of the 3 surfaces are easily visible in this photo. The third surface, is facing directly west and just barely visible.  This is Vernon’s Largest Solar System, (technically is Coldstream’s Largest Solar System, but many people don’t know where Coldstream is.)

net zero 100% solar powered organic farm

Canada’s First 100% Solar Powered Organic Farm compliments of ‘got solar?’  Providing Canada’s Best Pricing on Solar Equipment!

Westward Wow! 44- 315Watt solar modules totaling 13.9kw (13,900 Watts!) Once the South facing roof surfaces have all been populated with solar panels, we chose the west facing roof as the next best choice. While not optimally oriented to the sun, the reduction of solar output will only be about 15% annually. When the power companies start implementing time-of-use (T.O.U) metering, eastward and westward facing arrays may actually provide a better economic benefit, even though they produce a bit less power in total over the year.

Wow! 39 Solar Panels @ 315Watts each totals 12,225 Watt or 12.2 kw of solar power! This south facing surface has been maximized to use as much of the roof as possible. For those with sharp eyes, notice the one panel in sideways by the chimney? Its just in there temporarily until the two shorter modules arrive that will plop right in there and fit perfectly. This install used 72-cell Canadian Solar modules.

We used all available south facing surfaces on the building, to ensure maximum power production! 10- 315Watt Solar panels, (3.15kw total) Took 3 hours to install.

Our Solar Shipping Container, powered ‘s container home, for almost 2 weeks, 100% off-the-grid and completely with the sunshine.  These Solar Seacan’s (sometimes called Solar c-cans) are a perfect alternative solution installing power to a location using traditional power lines. Special thanks to Burton Marine Pile Driving for their help making this happen. Check out our case-study for

Very nice H02 provided by Solar provided by

Wow! This home right across the lake from us, has an impressive array of solar panels. Great way to use an otherwise unused piece of property. No need to use expensive flat-roof mounting equipment!

‘got solar?’ would like to thank Worman Construction, for being so forward thinking with regards to solar power on their building projects. Hats off to Shane Worman! This particular system was installed by Terratek out of Penticton, but I had to pull over and take a picture!

Solar Shipping Container aka Solar Seacan

Our Solar Shipping Container powering the entire construction yard at Burton Marine Pile Driving. We sometime call these units “Generator run time reduction units”. Depending on the situation, solar can reduce or practically eliminate generator run time.  Before BMPD ‘got solar?’ they were running a generator 24hours a day, 7 days a week. Over the course of the year, that would equate to 8,760hours of run time! (and a whole lot of gasoline and noise!) We estimated, that once we put our ‘Solar Seacan’ solution in place, that they would have less than 100 hours of generator run time in a year. (times when it is too cloudy in wintertime in the Okanagan, British Columbia in the winter, sometimes for weeks on end!)  To everybody’s delight, after 1 entire year in operation, the generator ran an amazingly low 19hours!!! Wow!  In other words, 461 times less hours than it would have.

Here is a layout we did for on one of their units. Solar power is now affordable, and can look great too! Pictured is an east/west configuration to maximize panel density on the roof, while minimizing inter-module shading! 2 problems solved with one great mounting solution!

solar shipping container aka solar seacan a great containerized energy solution from

Solar powered mobile power units!

Have you seen a better looking power unit anywhere else? Our certified power containers can be shipped anywhere in North America and even globally. The internal electronics can be modified for single-phase, 3-phase, and either 50 or 60hz frequency to allow it to work anywhere in the world! Got Hurricanes? Have a disaster? We can help!

solar tracking tilt frame seacan shipping container custom mounts

One unit set for summertime angle, while the other for wintertime angle.


Do you got solar?

Our ‘Solar Roller’ highlights some of the changes in modules over the last 15 years. The oldest panel on the left being manufactured in 2002, still works like a hot damn! Both blue panels are ‘polycrystalline’ panels, with the new ones (on the right) now being dyed with color during manufacturing to avoid the ‘flakey’ look of panels in years gone by.

Ha, here is a photo before we had the permanent supports in place. These arrays are fully adjustable from 0 degrees through 90 degrees, so you can always have the optimum angle any time of year.

Has anybody around here seen my missing antler?

Caught the security guard taking a nap…

Our units are built RAM TOUGH!

Alright, here is the coolest lawn care company in town! All of their power equipment in electrically operated. In turn, each of those tools is recharged using the power of the sun. The sun provides both energy for the grass to grow, and the tools to cut that same grass down! How neat is that?


The crew at Burton Marine Pile Driving ‘got solar’ in 2015. By investing in a ‘solar seacan’ they were able to go from running a generator 24/7/365 to using a generator only to top up the batteries when its too cloudy in the winter time. Amazingly, after 1 year the generator only ran 19 hours during the winter! The sun provided the remaining 8,471 hours of the year of run time. Not bad, the generator went from running 100% of the time, to only 1/5th of 1 percent (0.00216%) of the entire year. Pictured here is one of the mounting bracket on our version 1.0 mounting system.

First solar panels going up! By building these units at our location, we can save our clients time and money. Fabrication can occur with easy access to our shop tools, materials with the entirety of the expertise of our team at our fingertips.

Even when these are loaded with 500lbs of solar panels, the array can be tilted with one had, as it is perfectly balanced. Pick any angle you want.

Version 1.0 of our racking system. Have to love the lake view from our location, it makes working here great!

External, weatherproof, in-use electrical covers (new code!) with each plug being served by separate circuit breakers for maximum performance when under heavy use. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) for your protection and safety! All of our systems meet or exceed electrical codes, right across North America.


One of our Solar Seacans deployed and operating! Clean, Green, Silent FREE ENERGY FROM THE SUN!


The next generation of Solar Experts are currently in training. Come by and be amazed at the knowledge a 10 and 7 year old have about solar power!

Our Solar Systems have been rigorously tested. Pictured are a couple of resident Big Horn Sheep conducting some field testing (literally)

Security provided by “Big Horn Sheep Security Inc.”

Our resident friends, keeping watchful eye on things.


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