Solar Power Is Finally A Great Financial Investment!

Save the earth

Saving on your electrical bills, by harnessing the power of the sun, is now a financially smart investment. With payback times of 9-13 years, it no longer makes sense to buy power solely from the power company.  Each time the power prices go up from the local utility, the payback time decreases.

Grid-Tied Solar systems are the most cost effective way to Go Solar!

These systems have very few components, no moving parts, are extremely durable and resilient, and offer an excellent 25 year power output warranties, on both the solar modules as well as micro inverters. The design life, and life expectancy is 30-40 years.

They are easy to install, for the handy-person, or the D-I-Y’er. By doing it yourself, you can decrease the initial installation costs, and ultimately speed up your return-on-investment.

The GREAT thing about solar systems these days, is that a person can essentially install as many or as few panels as they would like at a time. The systems are now ‘scalable’ and can be enlarged quite easily.

This allows many more people to get started with a solar system, even if they don’t want to spend the entire amount all at once, to start reducing their power bills immediately.

With a 25 year warranty on all electrical components, and a design life of 30-40 years, Solar is the only improvement to your home, that has the ability to literally pay you back, several times over, during its lifetime. (Something that granite countertops will never do!)

Not to mention, that solar equipped homes sell quicker, and for more money, than homes without. (As the ongoing cost of ownership is much lower into perpetuity, as well as the fact that the solar system is included in the purchase price/financing of the home!

Have YOU got solar?

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